Fear of Different

I’d gone to bed late enough last night to have a good idea of who would be named president in the morning. Last night I felt shock and anger. This morning grief.

Yet not much changed for me really. I still got up and joined friends for a great workout. Came home to make golden milk, laugh at Link sprawled out in his box, emptied the dishwasher and made lunch. Still went to work.

So why was I overcome with grief and tears after breakfast, crying so much in fact that I had to take out my contacts?

I was holding it that since Trump ran on a campaign of hate and fear, that anyone who voted for him was racist, sexist and prejudice. The tears were me believing that since he won, the majority of my country is also racist, sexist, prejudice and hateful. And that I’m powerless to change any of it. The ironic part is that by judging people this way, I too was showing my own prejudice.

What is the truth then? 

People ARE Different. We have a choice to either embrace our differences or fear them. When we fear them, lines get drawn, people collude against each other, and partnership is impossible between the differences.

Yet when we embrace that we are different, we are free to create, to disagree with respect for one another, and to compromise and partner.

Trump is different from me. I’m not going to spend the next 4 years fighting him. I will embrace our differences, respectfully disagree where his truth is not my own, and live my life freely.

I am an American, I am free, I have choices. I choose to not fear our differences.


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    When Powerhouses Open to Their Vulnerability

    I spent last Friday evening, full days Saturday and Sunday in service to a weekend course called the More To Life Weekend. I took my Weekend the summer of 2008 following my divorce. At the time, I had no idea how investing one weekend in the More To Life experience would radically shift my perspective and allow me to direct my life in a way I'd never thought possible. 

    Since then, I've supported Weekend trainings every year, sometimes multiple trainings. I've taken more courses through MTL and incorporated the tools into my life.

    This past weekend reminded me why. As different people shared their life experiences, their wins and their misses, their pain and their joy, I too opened up. I learned new things for myself. And in turn, I opened my heart and supported the team, trainers and participants through out the experience.

    How does this happen?

    Willingness. Each person, in their own time, willing to show their vulnerability. It may seem counter intuitive that softening our hearts, allowing tears to fall and removing barriers we think are protecting us is actually extremely connecting. And yet it is. Logic and intelligence has its place, but true connection is possible when we allow our body's innate intelligence to bypass thinking. We know how to connect and the MTLW teaches processes to unlearn all the ways we've prevented connection. 

    I was in awe of powerhouses in the training. People who have experienced trauma, tragedies, dysfunctional families ​and get up everyday to make the world a better place. I too have my history and could relate. We each have our own histories. They were there taking the weekend, removing the lenses of false beliefs and creating a way forward for themselves.

    Lighter, more joyful and purposeful.

    A takeaway I received from doing my own work this training is that we each have our own context. Its neither right or wrong, good or bad, its simply different. When we are clear about what is true, we can more effectively communicate with our path mates in life. Our wants and dreams are possible. When how we thought things "should go" takes a different direction, we are aware, awake and dance with life to course correct and choose again.

    I will take each of the students in my heart from this weekend. I want to connect with the powerhouse in each of them and together share what we know with the world.

    So now, I'll hop on a plane and fly to Bozeman, Montana for the next More To Life Weekend experience.

    Love & Light


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    Fresh Perspective – Tuning Back In

    Back at the very beginning of summer (just slightly still in spring) I decided to take a hiatus from writing and coaching. My life was getting more and more out of balance. I wasn’t feeling healthy and energetic. My weight kept creeping up the scale until I was feeling as if I was about to burst out of my skin.

    Inside I was unmotivated, unwilling to commit and started to feel the old tug of depression. So instead of pushing on and driving myself to keep doing, I stopped. I went inward. I utilized my support system and got very real with myself. I clearly said what wasn’t working for me in my life.

    I felt scared and fearful that if I stopped, if I slowed down, that I might never go back to coaching and that all the course content I had created or writings I’d prepared, would go to waste!

    Instead, what I found was joy in new adventures and activities. Connections with people I’d been out of touch with. Peace in sitting quietly with my fur babies and a cup of coffee. Deep love for myself.

    Just because I know in my head how I important and valuable self care was, didn’t mean I was actually offering it to myself. And what I discovered was that self care changes. Some days self care is going to work out. Other days its sleeping in. Its not always the same thing. And THAT was why what I was doing wasn’t working.

    I had lost connection with myself and freeing up my time by doing less allowed me to tap back into my deepest wants and creativity.

    Now I’m back! In the flow and working in service to others while practicing self mastery. Just this past weekend I was in Knoxville, Tn supporting a More To Life Weekend course. MoreToLifeUS.org

    I’m still digesting that enriching experience. More on that in my next post.

    “Dive deep, come up light”



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    A new way to journal your food #GiveitaWeek

    We’ve all done it at least once right? Write down all the food we’ve eaten for a day, a week or longer. Pick apart calories, protein, carbs and fat intake. Tried to make sense of it, alter it or change up the way we are eating to meet some new guideline we are following. Sound familiar?

    This week, I’m asking you to journal your food, but with a very different reason in mind. Your #GiveitaWeek is to journal your food daily and write down your #FoodFeelings.

    What do I mean? Food has an emotional component we may only recognize when we are craving it. Like chocolate when you’re sad, or popcorn when you’re at the movie theater. Or the spike in energy and productivity you feel mid-morning after your cup of coffee.

    If we aren’t conscious of the highs and lows, we may be unconsciously relying on food to regulate our mood. Then food can be controlling our day!

    To take the power back into your own hands you’ll track in your journal:

    • How you feel before you eat (tired, bored, alert, etc.)
    • You’ll write what you eat
    • How you feel 10-20 minutes after you eat
    • Then again about an hour after you eat

    Things you might notice:

    • You’re feeding yourself not because you’re hungry but because you’re tired
    • Certain foods make you bloat (maybe you didn’t realize this)
    • What foods give you energy and what ones bring you down

    Grab a notebook or journal and get started!

    #GiveitaWeek #FoodFeelings #foodmatters #emotionaleating


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    Why give Gluten Free a try? #GiveitaWeek

    I’ve been gluten free for years. It’s not always easy but for someone who suffers from gluten intolerance or Celiac Disease its vital to their quality of life.

    What is gluten? It is a protein found in wheat, barley and rye. Its basically not digestible and for some this causes problems in the small intestines.

    Even if you’re free of the intolerance or Celiac, you may benefit from some time off from gluten.

    This week your #GiveitaWeek Challenge is to go #glutenfree for a week!

    You’re welcome to use the tools from Kitchen Clean Out to help you remove gluten for a week.

    All week I’ll be sharing tips, recipes and more about a gluten free lifestyle on Attuned Life’s Facebook page.

    #GiveitaWeek #GoGlutenFree #lovewhatyoueat


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