A new way to journal your food #GiveitaWeek

We’ve all done it at least once right? Write down all the food we’ve eaten for a day, a week or longer. Pick apart calories, protein, carbs and fat intake. Tried to make sense of it, alter it or change up the way we are eating to meet some new guideline we are following. Sound familiar?

This week, I’m asking you to journal your food, but with a very different reason in mind. Your #GiveitaWeek is to journal your food daily and write down your #FoodFeelings.

What do I mean? Food has an emotional component we may only recognize when we are craving it. Like chocolate when you’re sad, or popcorn when you’re at the movie theater. Or the spike in energy and productivity you feel mid-morning after your cup of coffee.

If we aren’t conscious of the highs and lows, we may be unconsciously relying on food to regulate our mood. Then food can be controlling our day!

To take the power back into your own hands you’ll track in your journal:

  • How you feel before you eat (tired, bored, alert, etc.)
  • You’ll write what you eat
  • How you feel 10-20 minutes after you eat
  • Then again about an hour after you eat

Things you might notice:

  • You’re feeding yourself not because you’re hungry but because you’re tired
  • Certain foods make you bloat (maybe you didn’t realize this)
  • What foods give you energy and what ones bring you down

Grab a notebook or journal and get started!

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