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See that girl? That was me. Yes I have health certifications and education credentials, yet I’ve also been there. I can talk to you all day about the technical side of weight loss and health, but I’ve also lived it. So instead of just giving you a lecture with a bunch of science, facts and data. I show you how it directly applies to your life!

Now you could be like the old me and struggle your way around another hundred different exercises and diets, OR you can take Give it a Week eCourses and kick the struggle to the curb. I’ve taken all the knowledge I’ve learned (both education and personal experience), then I turned them into simple, fun, and engaging processes to teach you and change your health.  The best part? Its all repeatable. Its affordable. And it fits in Your REAL Life!

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What’s “Give it a Week”?

Give it a Week is incremental, step-by-step changes that permanently transform your health. It takes at least 7 times of doing something, to begin creating a habit. In each course, first we look at your big picture goal. Then we focus on daily small changes that add up. As the weeks pass by, You’ll crush overwhelm, master healthy options and reach your larger goals.  Give it a Week is a strategy to make health easy, because when you replace unhealthy habits with healthy ones, your healthy choices become automatic!

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What’s an eCourse?

We live in a fast paced world and eCourses are a great way to learn what you want on your schedule! Give it a Week eCourses will have videos, workbooks and audio lessons sent to you via email. Each course has a focused topic. The eCourses are great because you can take them at your own pace. Give it a Week eCourses combines interactive modules with my simple Give it a Week approach to your goals.

Want to see if Give it a Week eCourses are right or you?

Watch the preview video

Coming in a few short weeks is this Free 4 part video series: Kitchen Clean Out!


[pullquote]I loved the format of Kitchen Clean Out. Everything looks nice and it’s easy to read and follow![/pullquote]


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Coming in 2016!!!

Both Give it a Week eCourse Shorts (week long courses) and the full 6 week Give it a Week Experience!

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I’ve been there.

Overwhelmed by all the exercise hype, conflicting diets and that inside voice scream

“I’ve got to do SOMETHING!!!”

I can help you make life simpler, more balanced and make healthy choices come automatically. I’ve spent years experimenting with nutritional theories, exercises plans and mindfulness techniques to develop this straight forward approach to a healthy lifestyle.

Your Healthy Lifestyle!

Your health is not one size fits all and neither is this 6 week eCourse!

You will receive one-on-one like treatment and a plan of action tailored to your REAL life!

Mindfulness, Nutrition and Movement!

Mindfulness, Nutrition and Movement!

Peak inside the eCourse:

  • 7 Day Challenges to
    • support gradual and permanent changes in your life
    • experiment with healthier eating, meditation, and daily movement
    • prioritize and focus on what’s most important to You


  • 6+ videos to walk you through step by step in:
    • purposeful planning
    • meditation 101
    • emotional support, we are in this together!
    • identifying your personal reason for a change
    • thoughtful & systematic ways to replace old habits that do not serve your health goals
    • creation of healthy habits
    • making healthy choices feel effortless


  • 6+ pdf workbooks with info on:
    • holistic (meaning looking at the big picture) approach to identifying what isn’t working
    • purposeful planning guide for healthy meals
    • access to my personal grocery shopping list
    • to go organic or not, why some foods are better than others
    • real world ways to incorporate nutritious meals into a busy life
    • defining movement vs exercise
    • having fun with this process! its not a chore, its a CHOICE!

Why the+ ? Because I had so much to share that many of our modules include bonus videos, audio and more!


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