Fear of Different

I’d gone to bed late enough last night to have a good idea of who would be named president in the morning. Last night I felt shock and anger. This morning grief.

Yet not much changed for me really. I still got up and joined friends for a great workout. Came home to make golden milk, laugh at Link sprawled out in his box, emptied the dishwasher and made lunch. Still went to work.

So why was I overcome with grief and tears after breakfast, crying so much in fact that I had to take out my contacts?

I was holding it that since Trump ran on a campaign of hate and fear, that anyone who voted for him was racist, sexist and prejudice. The tears were me believing that since he won, the majority of my country is also racist, sexist, prejudice and hateful. And that I’m powerless to change any of it. The ironic part is that by judging people this way, I too was showing my own prejudice.

What is the truth then? 

People ARE Different. We have a choice to either embrace our differences or fear them. When we fear them, lines get drawn, people collude against each other, and partnership is impossible between the differences.

Yet when we embrace that we are different, we are free to create, to disagree with respect for one another, and to compromise and partner.

Trump is different from me. I’m not going to spend the next 4 years fighting him. I will embrace our differences, respectfully disagree where his truth is not my own, and live my life freely.

I am an American, I am free, I have choices. I choose to not fear our differences.


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