Fresh Perspective – Tuning Back In

Back at the very beginning of summer (just slightly still in spring) I decided to take a hiatus from writing and coaching. My life was getting more and more out of balance. I wasn’t feeling healthy and energetic. My weight kept creeping up the scale until I was feeling as if I was about to burst out of my skin.

Inside I was unmotivated, unwilling to commit and started to feel the old tug of depression. So instead of pushing on and driving myself to keep doing, I stopped. I went inward. I utilized my support system and got very real with myself. I clearly said what wasn’t working for me in my life.

I felt scared and fearful that if I stopped, if I slowed down, that I might never go back to coaching and that all the course content I had created or writings I’d prepared, would go to waste!

Instead, what I found was joy in new adventures and activities. Connections with people I’d been out of touch with. Peace in sitting quietly with my fur babies and a cup of coffee. Deep love for myself.

Just because I know in my head how I important and valuable self care was, didn’t mean I was actually offering it to myself. And what I discovered was that self care changes. Some days self care is going to work out. Other days its sleeping in. Its not always the same thing. And THAT was why what I was doing wasn’t working.

I had lost connection with myself and freeing up my time by doing less allowed me to tap back into my deepest wants and creativity.

Now I’m back! In the flow and working in service to others while practicing self mastery. Just this past weekend I was in Knoxville, Tn supporting a More To Life Weekend course. MoreToLifeUS.org

I’m still digesting that enriching experience. More on that in my next post.

“Dive deep, come up light”



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