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In 2009 I took a More To Life residential course called Way of a Warrior. The context of the course was about being a spiritual warrior and one of my greatest take aways was learning how to stand on the edge of “don’t know” yet be ok. Life is one big strand of ‘don’t knows’, it was a gift to learn how to live with the uncertainty rather than fighting it or demand I do know.

My access point was finding I had this huge capacity for gratitude! It was sitting right there the whole time for me to notice. When I did, life’s challenges didn’t seem so daunting. Even if I didn’t like what was around me, I could keep my calm and composure. I could see my choices illuminate.

When I came home form the course I didn’t want to forget this. So I started a Gratitude Journal. Every day for a year I wrote in it. I listed things I was grateful for, qualities I noticed in myself and others. Even on really difficult days, I could still find my gratitude.

Your #GiveitaWeek Challenge is to keep a #Gratitude journal for yourself this week. Write in it daily.

Even on the day my Papa passed away, I was grateful for the beautiful sunset I’d watched. That he passed away quietly in his sleep and was free of his body. I was grateful that his laughter and light had become a part of who I am and that I can share it.

Grab a journal and capture your #Gratitude.



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