#GiveitaWeek #Paleo

This week your #GiveitaWeek Challenge is to eat #Paleo for a week!


Why consider Paleo?

  • Many people are carbohydrate sensitive, meaning they don’t process the sugars or digest grains very well – trying the Paleo diet can help you decide, is this happening to you?
  • You’ll mainly be eating meat, vegetables and fruit – all real food!
  • Great way to eliminate fast food, unhealthy processed foods from your diet

How to Eat Paleo:

  • Meat, Vegetables, Fruit
  • In moderation: nuts, honey

What you won’t be eating:

  • Grains: Wheat, Barley, Rye, rice, corn


Some things to know:

  • If you’ve been consuming a lot of breads and sugars, you may not feel well at first
  • A week might not be long enough to see the results you want. #GiveitaWeek is a start, I hope you’ll considering trying it for at least a month
  • You will be cooking more – one of my greatest challenges by far, but in the long run I feel better and many people report that

This doesn’t have to be your forever, its your #GiveitaWeek !

#Paleo #Wholefoods #healthyliving


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