What Give it a Week is and how it promotes self-care

It’s important to me that I share with you the real life struggles I face. When I look for a coach or trainer for myself, humility and honesty are a must. No one has the best day or is on top of their game 24/7.

At the end of 2013 I took a job that I thought made sense. I left the public accounting world to be a center director at a weight loss company. I’d be coaching clients and counseling staff on weight loss. In order to take the job I had to close my coaching biz (conflict of interest). That December I wrapped up coaching client commitments and embarked on a new world. While what I do as a coach often resulted in weight loss, I hadn’t been officially in the “weight loss industry.”

At first it was all shiny and new. I was totally in and I couldn’t believe my luck at being paid for what I loved doing, coaching people to improve their health. Then reality set in and there were a few things I had trouble stomaching. One was selling boxed foods. It wasn’t the only thing they ate but it was the majority. I recognized it as a stepping stone for some and I continued. The second was walking with a clipboard over to a scale to weigh people every week. I found it put too much emphasis on weight and not enough on their habit creation.

As the months went on, the business lacked growth. Some clients were successful but the majority dropped off and it was clear the business would not continue. Just a few months before I was let go, I went to a larger office to help on a big sale day. To my shock a number of people on their success wall were calling to take them up on the sale offer. Many had gained all or even more of the weight back.

I get it now, why the weight loss industry doesn’t work. It doesn’t address the heart of the issue. It doesn’t smack down the unhealthy thought patterns and behaviors. It’s a temporary and often painful fix.

Gradual, step-by-step, incremental permanent changes. That’s what Give it a Week is.

Its not gag, not a quick fix. Its REAL. It balances the emotional well-being, nutritional health and physical movement, in a way that focuses on what each person really needs in order to cultivate a healthy weight, be active and live joyfully.

Your #GiveitaWeek Challenge this week is to focus and offer yourself #SelfCare everyday. What do you already do for yourself? And what more can you do?

Self-care will look differently day by day. One day it may be taking a hot bath, reading a book or getting a massage. Another day it could be getting a great workout in to sweat out some stress, re-organizing your desk to create conscious space or taking a day off work run errands instead of doing it late at night and wearing yourself out. It could even mean eating the piece of chocolate (though NOT the whole cake – over indulgence is the opposite of self-care).

So be on the lookout each day for ways to care for yourself. I’ll share mine, please comment and share yours. We are in this together!

#GiveitaWeek #SelfCare #love



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