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When Powerhouses Open to Their Vulnerability

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Starting the Reset Plan Tomorrow

Sometimes a reset is in order. While there are many things we can’t reset, there are a good few we can. My nutritional choices are one of them. I just went back in my blog to a little over a year ago when Jesse and I first embarked on the Whole30 Challenge. No cheats, no …

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Truth Can Put You in the Hot Seat or Set You Free

“Love of the truth puts you on the spot.” Naropa Institute Motto   As the dust settles and another tax season goes in the books, I see how truth really scares people. This year I was in a support role, not actually preparing taxes, but instead supporting people in their self prep. As I received …

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Welcome to the Present

“Awakening is always an accident.” Zen saying   I may or may not have shared that this winter hit me harder than usual. So many dark and cold days and so many uncertainties and transitions in my life and career path. So as the sun came back out, weather warmed, I also began to emerge. …

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