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When Powerhouses Open to Their Vulnerability

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#GiveitaWeek Be Inspired by Others Daily

This is a brand new #GiveitaWeek challenge! We’ve all had that late night where scrolling through Facebook seems to lead to a depleted mood and thinking ‘am I doing enough?!’ So rather than letting the endless scroll of selfies, shocking videos, new this & that, or heated political debates bring you down. We are going …

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Gratitude While in Service to Others

Fable or Reality? When I hear volunteer work, I’ll admit, I cringe. Mostly because I envision self less work, forĀ unappreciative people, and the crap work no one would even do if they got paid. Amazing with this in mind that I’ve ever volunteered before?! Most often when I do, it is a with a program …

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Day 9 – More To Life

More To Life Back in 2008 Jesse invited me to experience a weekend training that taught processes and tools that I still use to this day. The More To Life Weekend just completed a training here in Huntsville last weekend. It is an experience that can be difficult to verbalize because it is an experience, …

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