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When Powerhouses Open to Their Vulnerability

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Best Way to Reduce Your Stress

It’s been inside you the whole time In your crazy busy life wouldn’t it be nice if you had the magic antidote for stress free life? While there’s likely pharmaceutical companies toting pills that claim such nonsense, I have a real solution. It’s free, always accessible to you, no one can take it away and it …

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Have 90% of us already quit our resolutions?

      Let’s be honest Ok … show of hands, who can’t think of anything they did this past week in support of their New Year’s Resolution? (my hand is up!) I don’t know if the statistics I found were from this year, but it listed 92% of people who set out in January …

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Exposing a Secret

  Roots of Jump Start The exposing of secrets is scary. What if what I share turns someone away? Will they think less of me? What I know is, I trust the truth. That when we are vulnerable, a space in another opens up in the receiving person and a moment is shared. This last …

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Listen In & Be Inspired

  I was not always a good listener. I could get on my soapbox for hours about a variety of things. I was entertaining, but not engaging, enrolling or evoking. All qualities that I look for when I am listening to someone speak. When I see someone like that, they inspire me. At some point …

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